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Fashion Illustration (3 part class)


We are very excited to introduce Aliya Uten, a popular fashion illustrator known as FSketcher,  who will be teaching this fabulous Introduction to Fashion Illustration class!

Class 1 (12th January, 6.30-9.30)
Introduction to fashion illustration: styles, techniques, materials. 
Head & facial features.
Rendering skin: different skin tones & make-up.
Fashion body manipulation.

Class 2 (19th January, 6.30-9.30)
Hair rendering.
Chiffon texture: drawing couture dress + crystals.
Silk + satin textures. Floral prints. 
Project: red carpet evening gown design. 

Class 3 (26th January, 6.30-9.30)
Drawing denim + cotton garments. 
PVC, latex & leather rendering.
Fur + animal prints. 
Project: illustrating streetwear look.

About Aliya:

Her journey of a fashion artist started in Istituto Europe di Design in Milan 8 years. She worked as an illustrator for franchises of Fendi and Max Mara. Her works were featured on Instagram accounts of Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Ivy Levan and others. Currently her blog dedicated to fashion design has dedicated audience of 104K YouTube subscribers, 34K Instagram followers and more. She travels the world with her fashion drawing master-classes and workshops on fashion and costume design.

The price for the three classes is 1500rmb, and includes resources for the classes and homework tasks, as well as drinks and snacks to keep us going.