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2 parts Resin Jewelry


Make your own unique, colourful bangle, ring and necklace charms in our 2 part resin jewellery making workshop. If you’ve ever been curious about how resin jewellery is made this is the perfect workshop for you.

In session 1 you will learn about working with and mixing resin, using colour pigments, adding touches like glitters and decoration, using moulds, pouring resin, your items will then be left to cure (dry)

In session 2 you will release your pieces from their moulds, finish and polish your pieces and add your charms necklaces and bracelets. All tools and materials are supplied but feel free to bring any small items that you would like to cast in your resin jewelry.

This class is 600RMB, and includes all the resources stated, plus drinks and snacks to keep us going!

PART TWO is on May 10, 10am